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Career Growth Associates, inc. has been a global OD and learning service provider with office locations in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Detroit and partner sites in Mexico and throughout EMEA. We have been providing OD and Human Capital Solutions to both domestic and international organizations, in a variety of industries, for over 30 years. We create innovative and engaging learning solutions as well as provide content, consulting, training, learning tools and thought-leadership based on proven learning methodologies and practices. Career Growth Associates, along with our team of learning consultants, offers complete and integrated learning solutions that help organizations achieve both their business and human capital goals.


Our Approach

We are passionate about what we do and are committed to achieving unparalleled performance results. We do this by applying proven learning principles in an engaging, high-energy, and collaborative learning environment. Our team of experienced consultants and learning experts are drawn from nearly every industry and bring real world expertise, experiences, and backgrounds to address an organization’s unique business challenges. We are collaborative by nature and will partner closely with you to customize solutions that are unique to your business and measurably impactful. Through this partnership, we create and deliver results driven performance solutions that transcend the capabilities of your workforce and transform your business.

Client Partners

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What Our Partners are Saying…

“It’s great to work with Career Growth because, unlike the Big Box companies, they worked with us to provide exactly what we wanted and needed rather than a one size fits all program.”

“We’ve worked with Career Growth for over twenty years. They are just so easy to work with! All of their instructors are great. They adapt their courses for us; they are a great partner for us.”

“After trying some on-line learning, we’ve come back to Career Growth and their interactive classroom courses that people can immediately apply to their jobs.”

“Their instructors are by far the best we have ever experienced. They bring their real life experiences and stories and can really relate to our people. Everyone loved them – and learned from them! THANKS!”

Leadership Development

Leadership is about laying the groundwork for others’ success and then letting them shine.


Featured Leadership Programs

Boot Camps: New Supervisors & Managers 

Our Boot Camps are designed to address fundamental leadership and management behaviors that lay the foundation for a successful transition from individual contributor to leader/manager. Boot Camps are two or three-day sessions custom designed to complement an organization’s culture and manager performance expectations, as well as, address the specific development needs of the participants.

Developing Future Leaders

Developing Future Leaders is a comprehensive 3-part series that focuses on essential leadership skills such as: identifying top talent, determining an individual’s leadership potential, leading people, teams, and organizations and performance management. This series can be implemented as a total leadership development solution or individual courses can be create to complement existing internal and external leadership development initiatives.

Global Leadership

Our Global Leadership series focuses on how to adapt traditional American leadership/management practices to multi-cultural and global organizations. In this series, participants will practice demonstrating cultural competency in communications and interpersonal relationships and leading and managing a multi-cultural workforce. The series can be customized to include emphasis on specific cultures based on an organization’s workforce, customers, locations, suppliers, etc.

Our leadership development solutions offer proven leadership methodologies for gaining employee commitment to organizational objectives through workplace learning.

Our programs and training courses focus on a variety of today’s most common leadership challenges such as:

  • Improving communication and collaboration
  • Gaining employee commitment and loyalty
  • Motivating and inspiring employees
  • Engaging and retaining talent

To learn more about our leadership development solutions, download our 2019 Programs, Services, and Course Catalogue.

Talent Development

Employees are your most valuable assets. They are the heart and guts of a company.


Featured Talent Programs

Talent Development Across Cultures

Our Talent Development Across Cultures series is designed to help participants develop skills, adaptive behaviors and competencies that will improve the ability to understand, communicate, and interact across cultures. Participants will develop new approaches that result in increased performance and efficiency, as well as improved relationships when interacting across cultures.

IT: The “People” Challenge

Our IT: The People Challenge Solution focuses on developing communication, interpersonal skills and adaptive behaviors for working collaboratively with non-IT employees and departments as well as instilling and reinforcing a mindset of engagement and inclusion.

Employees are the most valuable assets and truly the backbone of an organization. Without employees in an organization, even the most powerful machinery with the latest technology would not function. Employers must invest their time and resources in training and developing their workforce in order for them to become indispensable resources.

CGA’s Talent Development programs and courses help in developing and nurturing employees for them to become reliable resources that contribute effectively to the organization.

Our activities are designed to help an organization define and identify gaps in learning, address learning needs through engaging and impactful learning experiences and achieve post classroom results.

To learn more about our talent development solutions, download our 2019 Programs, Services, and Course Catalogue.

Engagement & Retention

Engaged, enthusiastic, and loyal employees are pivotal drivers of growth and health in any organization.


Career Connections is a customized solution designed to improve employee engagement, retention, and performance by integrating and aligning human resources development programs and processes with organizational performance goals and strategies.

The program focuses on 7 critical topics:

  • Employee engagement
  • Organizational commitment
  • Job satisfaction
  • Performance improvement
  • Talent retention
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Succession planning

The outcome of Career Connections is increased retention and a high-level of productivity that comes from motivated and focused employees.

Career Connections has shown proven ROI and cost savings related to: employee performance and engagement, leadership and talent development, retention and succession planning.

To learn more about the proven ROI and cost savings of Career Connections, click here to read the Career Connections Case Study.

The major cause of employee turnover, cited by employees, is related to a lack of development opportunities and inadequate assistance and support with achieving career goals.

CGA’s Engagement and Retention Solution, Career Connections has helped organizations significantly reduce turnover and re-engage employees by helping them identify additional opportunities within the organization that align with their career goals and aspirations.

To learn more about our engagement and retention solutions, download our 2019 Programs, Services, and Course Catalogue.

Performance Assessment

What gets measured, gets managed. 


Featured Leadership and Talent Assessments


Based on Daniel Goleman’s 6 leadership styles (Setting the Pace, Unifying, Coaching, Commanding-Executive, Envisioning, and Democratic), the SUCCEED tool provides unique insight into an individual’s natural leadership style and his or her ability to successfully adapt in different situations.

Leadership Assessment Centers

A series of assessments, simulations, role plays, etc. observed and evaluated to identify development needs, future roles and assignments. Skilled coaches provide on-going assistance in creating development plans, feedback and support for behavioral change.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

An introspective self-report questionnaire with the purpose of indicating differing psychological preferences in how people perceive the world around them and make decisions.

We offer various applications of the MBTI including Leadership Style, Team Profiles, Sales/Selling, Skills/Behaviors: Communication, Decision Making, Conflict Stress

CGA partners with organizations to diagnose and assess leadership and talent capabilities and potential.  Partnering with our affiliates at Scitrain, we are able to offer insightful tools for leaders, individual contributors, and teams that uncover leadership styles, individual strengths, and development opportunities. We also offer organizational needs assessments to determine human capital asset management needs related to leadership/ talent performance and development and retention.

To learn more about our performance assessment capabilities, download our 2019 Programs, Services, and Course Catalogue.

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Human Capital...Did You Know?

1 of out every 5 of your best talent, is likely to leave your organization within the next 6 months.

If you don’t think at least 1 of out every 5 of your best talent, is currently considering leaving your organization, think again!  According to the latest research, less than half of high performers are satisfied with their jobs and 1 in 5 say they’re likely to leave the organization within the next 6 months.

For a salaried worker earning $60,000 a year, your company will likely spend $45,000 to replace that worker.

The cost of replacing a valued employee can set your company back as much as 2x their annual salary. And with high performers delivering approximately 400% more in productivity than the average employee, losing even a few of your star workers can have an astronomical impact on your bottom line.

According to the US Labor Department, 3.1 Million Americans who voluntarily left their jobs in January 2017.

The number of Americans who have voluntarily quit their jobs in now the highest it’s been in nearly a decade.

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